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Clients We Have Worked For at Turn-Pro

Our clients are drawn from all sides of the industry including local contractors, developers, hotels, local Authorities and public bodies, and domestic developments.

Architecture Project

We have been commissioned by AP to deliver numerous waterproofing solutions for projects managed by their outstanding design office.

Sites: Various

Heritage Malta

The supply and laying of horizontal waterproofing membrane on blinding layers in trenches.

Removal of existing damp proof membrane, removal of debris, correction of existing screed, laying of bituminous torch welded membrane type, bonding to screed including turn ups against parapet wall, plus application of a suitable roofing compound.

Site: War Museum

Area covered: 1400m2


We have delivered various jobs such as building alterations, construction, plastering, painting ,steel installations and waterproofing services.

Sites: Various
Forward Architects

We have been commissioned by Forward Architects to deliver a cementitious-based Liquid membrane waterproofing system on block of apartments, works included waterproofing of roof, terraces, balconies bathrooms and internal yards overlying on a basement.

Sites: Various
ST Microelectronics

We have been entrusted with all the waterproofing solutions, which include Liquid based membrane and Bituminous based membrane.

Sites: Hal Kirkop
Space Studio

We have been commissioned by Space Studio to deliver numerous waterproofing solutions for high end Villas.

Jobs included waterproofing of pools and reservoirs, also roof Jacuzzi, bathrooms, terraces and pool deck areas overlying a basement.

Sites: Various
Transport Malta

We have delivered construction works at the Malta Maritime Authority and various waterproofing works

Sites: Various